A look at the spiritual realm.

What if there is much more going on than meets the eye?
What if the world is being watched?
What if the world is at WAR?
Not the war on terror, but an epic battle with eternal consequences.
An invisible war.

Our world is saturated with the paranormal! Vampires, zombies, demons, and magically enchanted characters fill current TV shows, movies, books and games. In this new teaching series we will talk about topics most churches avoid as we take a look at the unseen, spiritual realm.

Topics Covered:

  • Haunted Houses
  • Talking with the dead (mediums)
  • Horoscopes
  • Ouija Boards
  • Psychics
  • Wicca
  • Spiritual oppression and possessions
  • Angels, Demons and Satan and MORE

Don't miss this essential message series, beginning October 13th at Wellspring Church.
Invite your friends and neighbors!